Discipline of Authentic Movement – Training Bulgaria 2019

This 3 year long training continues in 2019 focusing on presence, awareness and direct experience.


  • who want to learn and deepen their experience in the Discipline of Authentic Movement
  • who want to evolve in their personal and in their professional development through further development in this method
  • who want to integrate aspects of the Discipline of Authentic Movement in their work as therapists, artists, counselors
  • who want to intensify their practice and knowledge of this embodied awareness method continuously and with commitment
  • who are committed by their hearts to train and reflect in a continuing learning group this western discipline of embodied awareness practice, embracing the development of conscious relationship to self, collective and the numinous.

The training is not of equal value as a psychotherapeutic long term training

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Year III: Ritual – Presence and Resonance
Module V. + VI 3 + 5 Days, at least 17/30 hours of lessons

Dates 2019

15. – 17.02. & 04. – 09.08.2019 (8 days)





English (Bulgarian translator, if needed)


please contact:
infoa@anke-teigeler.de (Germany) or
authenticmovementbg@gmail.com (Bulgaria)


YEAR I – Ground Form – Working in Dyads

Exploring the Mover in oneself: to move and be moved
Containment and mindfulness – Guidelines and Rituals in 
 support of safety and a „holding environment“ (Winnicott)
Experience, differentiation and significance of: Movement, 
 Sensation, Emotion, Association, Intuition and Presence

Discipline of Authentic Movement in individual work and 
 its application in dance-movement- and psychotherapy

Development of the inner witness in relationship to and 
 because of the outer witness
Importance of language: from a language of 
 interpretation, judgement and projection to a language of 
 direct perception and compassion

YEAR II – Collective Forms – Working in Groups

Introduction of collective forms: triads, long circle

Practice of moving witness, silent witness, speaking witness
and reflection of its significance and developmental 
 progression within the Discipline of Authentic Movement
Group dynamics: autonomy and belonging

Practice of individual and collective embodied consciousness 
 and awareness

YEAR III – Mystical Form – Declaring Circle and Application

Evolvement of different realms: Ground Form – Collective 
 Forms – Mystical Practice
Association and direct experience

Traumatic experience and energetic experience: similarities 
 and differences and how to deal with it as a therapist/leader
Silence, Open space and a deeper reality

Application of aspects of the Discipline of Authentic 
 Movement in professional work.


Seminar Times
Times of Practice
Self-oriented Learning

Seminar Time
Experience and practice of the Discipline is central for each module. Teaching and theory are reflected in relationship to upcoming questions in the practice and in accordance to the inherent developmental order of the Discipline of Authentic Movement from dyadic work to group work to mystical practice.

Times of practice
Participants meet between each course for practicing and expanding their experiences and knowledge as a mover and as a witness. These processes are supported by the teacher.

Self-oriented learning

Furthermore questions and theory are explored by literature study (English), Diary of Movement-Witness Process and peer group discussions.

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04.08.2019, 00:00
- 09.08.2019, 00:00



Info & Leitung:
Anke Teigeler, info@anke-teigeler.de